About us

Welcome to BOStuition. 

BOStuition has been set up to cater for students and adult learners who want to learn a new subject, gain a greater understanding, or simply boost their confidence in subjects they are currently studying. The company was set up to serve the areas of Bromley, Orpington and Sidcup (BOS), however, our easily accessible location allows for students in other towns to easily attend our evening classes. 


We offer students an exciting new way of learning, classes are held in the evening in an easily accessible location (Orpington). This allows students and adult learners to easily enroll into the classes as they can attend after school or work. 

Location: Our evening classes are currently held in Central Orpington just off of the high street. Current Classroom Locations are: 

Evening Classroom

Location 1:


Orpington Village Hall, 

311 High St,



Our classes offer a relaxed atmosphere for students, the classes cover all the content of the syllabus comprehensively and will focus on ensuring students understand the subject taught. 

As part of every course offered, the classes toward the end of the academic year will focus on exam practice and in depth exam questions. This ensures students are prepared for the necessary written and practical examinations. 

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